Welcome to Ammons Drive Inn & Dairy Bar

Ammons Drive Inn & Dairy Bar in Waynesville, NC is your home for fresh and delicious food on the go. Whether you are a resident and a long time regular, or just passing through on a road trip, we would love to have the opportunity to share our passion for a great meal brought right to you curbside.

Everything is made to order from the finest ingredients, whether you are ordering in your car or decide to come see us inside. If you are looking to take your time, we invite you to kick back and relax, but if you are anxious to be on your way, we understand. Either way your service will always be prompt and friendly. We have a large menu with something for the whole family: from seafood to hot dogs, you are sure to satisfy your craving.

Our staff is friendly and well trained, so your order can be made quickly and accurately. We put as much effort into our sides as we do into our dinners and deserts so you will receive high quality food every time you order. Even if you just want to stop by to say hello and order a shake, we would love to see you. We think of our customers as family, and bringing a smile to their face is the ultimate reward for a well prepared meal or frosty treat.

For a local, family owned drive inn experience, come to Ammons Drive Inn & Dairy Bar. Home of Charles' famous burgers.